One-of-a-Kind Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Rainbow moonstones exhibit an internal blue sheen that changes and takes on other colors as the stone moves, which is the source of its colorful name. We've created six new, mysterious, magical One-of-a-Kind Rainbow Moonstone Rings, containing stones handpicked by Satomi herself. Each is as completely unique and singular as its future owner. 

1.680 carat rainbow moonstone (8.3 x 8.5mm) 

10.25 x 8.85mm (top), 5.95mm (height of setting)

18K yellow gold textured band
1.55-1.75mm (width), 1.25-1.55mm (thickness)

Size: 6 (click here to add resizing service) 

Please note that this is the one-of-a-kind ring and we wouldn't be able to make the same ring once this is sold.